Silver Lining Rewards


 Silver Lining Rewards program gives you $10 for every $250 you spend!   
That’s it. Easy and simple.
FAQ's for Silver Lining Rewards program
Q: I am already a Hi-Ho Silver customer, why do I need to sign up?

To receive points and earn a $10 discount, you must have an exclusive number assigned to your account. Stop in the store to 
register for 
Silver Lining Rewards today! 

Q: How do I earn points?

Shop and Earn…SIMPLE AND EASY! For every $250 spent,  you will be rewarded with $10 off your next visit! 

Q: When can I use my $10 discount?

Our computer systems will convert points on Tuesday mornings. If you have earned 250 points, your account will be credited with $10 on Tuesday.